Sunday, 22 November 2015

Christmas rush :)

Hello! I'm back! Its been a busy week but a very fun time too :) AND I've even scrapped! (I'll give you a moment to recover from the shock of that.......all good? Great!)
So last week Jess and I spent a couple of days at Milton Keynes. It's become a yearly event now as all the retreats we like seem to be in March at he start of the year, it left a hole near the end of the year to get away for a bit and be crafty. We did try and arrange a retreat with our usual group but everyone was busy so we decided to just do it ourselves :) Two days of eating, drinking, shopping and crafting, perfect :)
I do fee for the people who clean the rooms after though. We do our best but inevitably some mist, glue and ink usually ends up on the bed sheets. Woops.
Managed 7 layouts too! Which I will share as soon as I remember to photograph them, hopefully some time before Christmas ;)
Back to the C word, I am pretty much done shopping now, eeeekkkkkkk!!!!! So excited! I need to get one more gift for Caitlin and I'm done! Ok so a lot of people are going to be groaning *I haven't even started yet* but I always like to get things done early. When the kids were young and Mark was sick more often if I didn't get prepared early I ran the risk of having nothing for them come Christmas morning. One year they came down to 3 gifts each :( Ok so they were not bothered and loved what they got but I was.
Opps got a bit depressing there :\ Back to Christmas cheer! Yesterday I went to Birmingham German market with my Mum and Granny. I didn't get much but was mainly there to soak up the atmosphere. I love it when it starts to get dark and all the lights come on, the smells of mulled wine and Christmas carols. I'm a big kid really :)
Ended the day with a large slice of very rich chocolate cake. Yum :)
and just because it's my blog and I can....look at this cute jumper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you tell I'm a little hyper today? :p


  1. Is Santa bringing you that jumper because it was obviously meant for you. My most wonderful Christmas presents as a kid was the year when my Mum made us pj's, some clothes and lots of homemade outfits for our Sindy dolls. Turned out she thought it was the worst Christmas ever because she hadn't had enough money to buy us much and had had to make stuff. It was only as adults that we found out how upset she had been. I can't believe she never realised how special those gifts were to us, and it was because she had made them!
    Happy Christmas!

  2. Glad you had such a great time Gemma. And well done on the organisation - I'm not doing bad here either and it's a nice feeling! Thought of you yesterday as there was a lady selling all things pug at the handmade Christmas show. Look forward to seeing your pages when you share hem xx


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