Thursday, 12 November 2015

New shelf!

This weekend my Mum went to Ikea with her friend, of course I asked her to get me some bits (even though Im going next week lol) including a new shelf for my craft area.
It's amazing how excited I was about a new shelf lol.
However, while the shelf was great and exciting and new, I had to decide what went on it.

That's where it all went wrong.

To decide what to put on it I pulled all my craft bits out of the wardrobe. Decided my old cardboard box of alphas, including some I've had since I started crafting 6 years ago, needed cutting down, so started going through them.
But where to put the alphas I decided to keep?! Well I had a little green box which I had my random embellishments in which I thought would be ideal, but then where to put the random embellishments?! Best to sort them out and put them in with my other ones I thought........
Fast forward to 3 hours later, I'm sitting on my bedroom floor surrounded by half used alphas, chipboard, buttons, pins etc. Mark walked in, looked down, and walked out again lol.
BUT it is now done, sorted and all packed away again. :( Mark recently requested that I start ONE project at a time and not have 3 half finished projects downstairs and more on my desk in the bedroom. Reasonable enough I guess but the kid in me wanted to stamp my feet and say no lol. The adult in me (very small part of me really lol) realised that I doubt I'll get much time to scrap at home on this side of Christmas so I've tidied it all away for now.
It looks a lot neater without sequins, paper and embellishments lying about but even though I wasnt using it I liked looking at it! Anybody else do that with their stash? Or am I the only crazy one? lol.


  1. Your little crafting space looks perfect.

  2. I am another four half done projects on the go. I get half way through the first one and find something else that needs sorting/putting away etc. I do love your shelf , boxes and hanging tins x


Thanks for your comments. :)