Monday, 30 November 2015

Winter wonderland

Well I've had a very productive morning :) Done the monthly shop, 2 lots of washing, ironing, defrosted the freezer tidied the tip my daughter calls a room. Time for a coffee and a cronut I think!
So while I relax, time to blog :) Saturday we went on a trip down to london to visit Winter Wonderland there. I like to do a Christmas trip each year and as they're a little old for visits to the farm to see Santa I thought this would be a good idea. The kids were certainly excited with Cameron thrilled to wear his new Christmas jumper.
Why he does those hand gestures I have no idea *rolls eyes*
Now I knew it was going to be expencive there, but OMG £5 per child for a fair ride?! No thank you! Luckily there were lots of market stalls, things to see etc so we gave the kids a little spending money and browsed about. They got a couple of little trinkets, had a go on a hoopla game and enjoyed some goodies (chips for kids, mulled wine for Mummy, yum) until it was time to go to the Ice castle.
Now my Mum had gone to this last year and told us it was well worth paying the extra for so I booked tickets a couple of months ago. Glad I did as they were all sold out by the time we got there. We were all wrapped up anyway as it was a chilly day but OMG it was so cold inside!!! Mark doesn't like the cold anyway so he wrapped up as much as he could lol.
Was worth the low tempretures though, the ice sculptures inside were incredible! So much detail to look at.
As we walked in there were pine trees everywhere. It was set out like a huge wood with ice animals, trolls, fairys and various other fantasy creatures dotted about. Getting a picture of them was difficuilt but did my best.
In the center there was a huge ice tower with a slide for the kids and a pretend lake covered in swans. Even Mark was impressed with says it all really!
After the castle we went into London to see the lights and look at the displays in the shop windows. We were lucky as there was a huge toy parade on too so there was loads for the kids to see and do :)
All in all was an amazing day. Don't think I have long left of the kids believing in Santa so trying to make the most of it while I can!


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. The ice sculptures look worth the cold. £5 a ride? A few of those and you've paid for a good day out somewhere ... glad it didn't spoil your day. Love the last photo - definitely one to scrap.

  2. What a great day out! Don't worry about them not believing there are still some great things you can do with the non-believers. We still have a Christmas Day out every year with A&J :)


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