Sunday, 8 November 2015

Two in a row!

Wow look at me blogging two days in a row :) I did actually start this post this morning but have only just had the chance to sit down and actually finish it! Been a super productive day though so thats good. Been a really productive week to be honest, which always makes me happy as feels like I have a purpose I guess.
Anyway, as well as repainting the living room, cleaning the curtains, selling/donating/chucking stuff from the garage and kids rooms, I've managed to finish off a few craft projects.
A HUGE thank you to Julia who very kindly posted me some hama boards s I could finish this door decoration for Cameron.
Well it was supposed to be for his door. Turned out bigger than I thought so had to put it on his wall in the end! Both banners were supposed to be blue, but when the beads I ordered came they turned out to be the wrong colour. By this point though it had been sitting on my desk for almost a month so if they had came in pink he'd have had a pink banner lol, with that in mind bluey grey isnt too bad ;)
Other crafting has been these. A little while ago my Mum messaged me and asked if I had a butterfly punch? Um, I have 5 punches and 3 dies, be more specific, was my answer. Turns out her friend is throwing a Tinkerbell themed party for her daughter and wanted some help making decorations. 'Leave it to me' I said.
Note to self, ban 'Leave it to me' from my volcabulary in the new year.
20 of these later, I still have 4 wall banners to do and I am sick of the sight of butterflies! :\
I'm taking a bit of a break from butterflies before I start the banners so I'm back to making roses for Mums wreath and enjoying a coffee in my new penguin mug from Costa.
In between cleaning and crafting I've been back to the Dr with Caitlin again. Bless my poor wee girl there's always something. Shes been complaining about her foot hurting for a while but she's dreadful for crying wolf with things like that so I didn't pay much attention. I've noticed she walks with her toes pointing in but as I did that as a kid and grew out of it I didn't think much of it. Thursday morning though she wouldnt even put her weight on her heel so I took her Dr and he thinks she has flat foot syndrome, so has been walking funny which has caused inflamed muscle in her foot. Funnily enough my Mum does too and she had suggested it but I ignored it, won't be hearing the end of that one for a while.
Luckily it's nothing serious obviously and a course of meds will sort out the muscle, but we have to go see a foot specilist on the 20th and she has to miss PE for a while. I think she would be dancing about that if she could lol.


  1. Um, the bead thingy - W O W! You must have so much patience!
    The butterfly decorations look lovely, you can decorate for my party any time :D

  2. Cameron is a lucky boy - it's the sort of project I'd get 90% done and then knock over so that most of it fell apart - or do you 'iron' as you go and build it up in parts?
    The perils of volunteering in those generous moments can come back and bite us - but the little girl will be thrilled with her Tinkerbell decorations, they are fab x

  3. The banner is amazing! So glad I could help :) Poor Caitlin. Hope she's not too disappointed about missing PE! I love your penguin mug too x


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