Monday, 21 March 2016

Catch up and Love you more

Wow, where did the weekend go?! It was certainly a 'blink and you miss it' fun/productive weekend :)
Friday, I've no idea what I did Friday. I didn't even put anything on Facebook so I've no clue hehe.
Saturday I was supposed to be going to the cinema with Caitlin. One thing or another happened so rather than going at 10:30 like planned we booked tickets for 6pm instead. Leaving the morning free.
So I went on Youtube.......
I watched a video where a girl was saying about destashing and getting rid of papers........
I decided to sort out my stash. *facepalm*
As you do I pulled out pretty much everything I have and set about decluttering, making kits, putting bits into a 'donate' bag and moving things around. Mark came upstairs, looked around and walked back out again. Hehe.
I found a 'small' pile of layouts which need putting in albums. :O
So I ended up getting rid of over 300 sheets of papers and cardstock, have a huge bag of embellishments for donating and moved a few less used items around to make it easier to work.
I feel so much better for it :)
Until the next destash anyway lol.
Sunday was my Mothers day :) I was away on the actual day so we moved it.
Started with cards and gifts in bed, of course, then we went to East carlton park for a walk.
I love walking around here, the weather was beautiful and the kids ran around like nutters.
Cameron says he's climbing a tree here. I wouldn't really call that a 'tree' but ok. :)
Family photo, minus me behind the camera of course.
Then home for lunch and chilling in the afternoon :) Mark went to bed so I moved some of my scrapping stuff downstairs and managed 4 layouts! There was a casualty though, ow!
So a brilliant, chilled out weekend. :)
Havent photographed the layouts I did Sunday yet but this one I made on a weekend away.
This did start off with a kind of 'grid patchwork' type background in mind, but after moving things about I ended up with this.
We had a sheet of these little gold words in a LFE kit a while ago and I wanted to use as many as possible here.
Still loads left though lol.
Simple layout but I like it, used up scraps and other bits and framed the photo well. This one I took on my phone one morning after Caitlin had had a nightmare and ended up in Mummy and Daddys bed. Scamp watching over her of course to chase any other bad dreams away :) So cute!!

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  1. Lovely family pic on the sculpture! You need to get them in them though :). Well done on the de stash!


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