Friday, 11 March 2016


Every year I make the kids a cake based on either the theme of their party, or whatever type of cake they've asked for.
A couple of years ago the request from Caitlin was 'Lots of colours and sweets' while Camerons was 'Minecraft'.
After some googling, and researching on Pinterest I settled on a chocolate pinata cake with rainbow buttercream for Caitlin, and a chocolate minecraft cake for Cameron with marshmallow squares.
Was thrilled with how they turned out :)
Problem is is I've had to top myself each year since! This year Cameron wants melting chocolate eyeballs!!!!
I'm putting this one in for the Shimelle scrap 3 photos challenge :)
In other news parents evening went brilliantly. Caitlin doing very well. Above average on all fronts, very social, happy little girl who engages well in lessons. Cameron is doing well particualy in maths. In fact he's doing so well they plan to give him year 6 SAT tests and see how he does with those. He's only in year 4!!! Lord knows where he gets it from, I need to use a calculator to check his homework!
Some funny comments from hubby the other day:

Me - Why is the bathroom door open?
Him - Because it's on a hinge.
(talking about the extending sunday opening hours debate)
Me - They should leave it, theres been times at 6pm on a Sunday I want chocolate but shops are shut but its not life or death.
Him - It is for those of us who live with you.

How we've managed 10 years of marriage without me killing him I don't know.

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