Saturday, 26 March 2016

xoxo colour challenge

So I looked at my blog and thought 'oh did I not blog yesterday? I'm sure I blogged yesterday' Well yes I did blog yesterday it just seems like yesterday was LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time ago lol.
Today Cameron woke up his usual bubbly self :) Complained I would only let him have one crossaint with chocolate spread for breakfast so his appetite is back :)
Knowing he was fine my Mum and I left the men folk alone and took the girlies shopping! Mollie needed pretty much a whole new wardrobe and while Caitlin is more then fine on the clothes front she did need a new hat, backpack for school, swimming costume and shoes.
Note that nowhere on the shopping list was this t-shirt.
Took me a while to convince her that NO her Daddy did not need it. hehe.
Didn't take us long to get most of the bits we needed. Caitlin luckily found almost everything she wanted in Primark and Mollie loves H&M so Mum spent a small fortune in there so we decided to look in New look as I needed a new pair of shoes and I had a voucher.
I'm trying on sensible flat shoes, my 7 year old decides to try on these.
Was almost worth buying them just to see her Dads face when we got home!
Was a lovely, and not as expencive as I thought, day out. We have tickets for an easter egg hunt tomorrow so keeping everything crossed the weather improves!!
So shopping done, here is another layout from the retreat :) This was my second take on the colour challenge, after a little less wine this time!
This is a super old photo. It's actually Camerons very first school photo! Caitlin was still in nursery but was able to go along and get her photo taken with him. She was not impressed she wasn't allowed to wear a uniform. I did think once she was at school the novelty of a uniform would soon wear off but she still loves it.
I've no idea why I haven't scrapped this yet but glad I have now. The colours of Caits dress and Cam's jumper went well with the challenge.
It isn't that wonky in real life I promise lol, think I took the picture weird.

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  1. Love this one - the jumper certainly was a perfect match for the colours! Well done on getting your shopping done. I have that job to look forward to this week but the wardrobes need a clear out first!


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