Wednesday, 16 March 2016

White space - happy days

So last night was dreadful :( Scamp was still poorly and to be honest I was sure we were going to lose him. He was very cuddly, kept shaking and didn't seem to be breathing right. Both Mark and I just lay awake next to him stroking him and cuddling him.
This morning however he's a different dog :) I don't know if its a lull like the kids get when they're poorly or the medication kicking in but he's back to his usual chaotic self this morning. :) I was honestly so terrified last night. Felt like when Caitlin was sick a few years back with a fever and kept having fits.
So hard being a Mum sometimes.
Ok so sad part over with, everyone seems to be on the mend today so hopefully will be able to finish off a few classes tonight that I didn't get done over the weekend. One I did get done was the 'white space, self paced class'
Rather than an actual 'sit down and follow instructions' class this was one where we were given the papers, embellishments and instructions to complete at our own pace. There were 5 layouts, including this one.
As Nicolas were 8.5 x 11 I mounted them onto 12x12 papers to fit into my album. I was worried that Nicola would be offended I didn't stick religiously to the original, I've been in classes like that before, but she was more than happy for us to make our layouts our own :)
So this was my take. I used the tissue and dotty cellophane our mugs were wrapped in to mount my photo and card.
I really love this layout. I'm not usually a huge fan of white space as it often feels unfinished but I like this one. Journaling reads:
On a trip to Skegness we bought you a bucket and space as we've done countless times. Usually you get bored in 10 minutes, this time however you spent hours building castles and collecting water from the sea.
Love this photo so glad I scrapped it now :)

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  1. Aw such s lovely story. The space looks great on the page too. Glad scamp is on the mend x


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