Friday, 25 March 2016

Take the magic home

This week has been a bit rubbish so I haven't really felt up to blogging. I've been having panic attacks again which is frustrating as anything as I haven't had one in SO long! I was looking forward to last night though :) First night of the holidays, Caitlin was staying at my Mums house so Mark and I decided to introduce the boy to Marvel movies!
He's seen bits of them before but never sat and watched one from start to finish so we decided to start with Guardians of the Galaxy.
Obviously not in the Marvel universe order but I knew he'd love Groot ;)
So we had a lovely night! Some junk food, lots of cuddles and giggles so he went to bed a happy boy........then woke up a few hours later with the vomiting bug his sister had a couple of weeks ago :(
Was a rough night with him being sick every couple of hours but he seems a lot better now it's all out of his system. Currently napping on the couch.
We had planned to meet up with the neighbours tonight for a takeaway, think that might be being postponed lol.
So still have loads of retreat layouts to share, this was has a bit of story behind it too lol. Before I went away I made up some page kits for the challenges we had. The papers and embellishments on this page I had put together with a different photo with the intention of using them in a colour challenge.
However that night I had a bit too much wine, and Amanda was sharing out her home made bubblegum vodka, so for some reason I put the photo to one side, and decided to the use the papers for the quote challenge, where we had to take inspiration from:
As soon as anyone says the word magic I think of Disneyland. I wasn't the only one as most people used photos from either Disney or Harry potter studios.
This photo was taken on our last night at Disneyland last year, journalling reads:
Though you are only young, I have the feeling this will be our last trip to Disneyland as you are growing up so fast. This selfie as we left is very special to me. Hopefully we can still share the magic of Disney at home with movies and snuggles.
Looking at it after I think it needs something blue on the right hand side, oh well its done now ;)

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