Sunday, 7 August 2016

Girls day

Its august! I think it's a sign of getting older when the months just seem to be on fast forward. Last month was super busy including our annual holiday to Spain. Now while we got back at the end of July, I think my brain got left behind, but more on that later!
So the 7th means another challenge over at Challenge YOUrself. This month is an inspiration challenge.
Now I admit I struggle with these ones. I tend to work with a kit each month so if the kit I have out doesn't work with the challenge it's difficuilt. That said that's what these challenges are for!
This painting said 'Autumn' to me, so I pulled out a photo of Scamp at the farm the first Autumn we had him. I took the reds and blues from the painting and dug out a kit to match, and made this layout.
Remember how I said my brain got left behind? Do you see the problem with this layout for a Challenge YOUrself challenge?! Yep, I'm not in it!! Well technically that is my foot Scamp is leaning on but I don't think that counts. *sigh*
So challenge attempt take two. I used a kit I've been trying to kill and I knew had some watercolour effect embellishments in similar to the effect in the painting. So I did this layout.
Look, there I am there, in the blue top, hiiiiiiiii.
So please join in with our challenge this month, using a photo of YOU (key thing there I've learned) and the picture as inspiration. I can't wait to see what you make! :)


  1. Pmsl at take one! Lovely layouts. I love the photo of you, mum and the girls xx

  2. I love your layouts, Gemma. You have a knack for all the little bits and pieces.

  3. Gemma, I love both layouts and would have accepted the first one with your foot in it!!!!! LOL!!! Sorry that you had to make 2, but just think, now you have TWO beautiful layouts made! And you ROCKED the challenge!


Thanks for your comments. :)