Saturday, 13 August 2016

one confused dog

Today was the big annual garage sale at Burton latimer. We love this sale and always pick up lots of bargains :)
Usually theres a lady selling off some craft stuff but she wasn't there this time :( Still got some good bits though :)
One lady was selling a load of books for 25p. We seemed to have the exact same taste as many of them were on my 'to read' list. I could have bought lots more but I couldn't remember which ones I had already read.
I also bought this bag. It has lots of little pockets and removable inserts so will be perfect for embellishment on crops etc. It's supposed to be for make up I think but I can easily adapt it. Bargain at £1 brand new as I later found it online for £38!
Cameron got a couple of new games, Caitlin some drawing things and I grabbed a few little bits I can put away for Christmas so well worth the trip!
Scamp had a great time too, long walk and lots of people fussing over him. Perfect day in Scamps mind :)
Much better than Caitlins birthday last year lol, he was very confused by the whole thing, though he did enjoy playing with the wrapping paper.
Loved these little frames from last months LFE kit, and the little 'meh' went perfectly with Scamps face!
He'd got the hang of the whole 'gift' situation by Christmas and there were a few parcels for him under the tree ;)

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