Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Make today amazing

Wow its been a long time since I blogged. Looking at past years though August is always a quiet blogging time as obviously there's lot of activities with the kids and day trips.
On top of that Camerons been really difficuilt lately. Not in a misbehaving way, but he's been having so many meltdowns we all feel like we're walking on eggshells. Even my Mum who I think always thought I was making up his moodswings has said shes seen a difference. I don't know if its the lack of routine or what but I can usually see a meltdown before it starts and head it off with some quiet time but these are coming out of nowhere. He got it into his head the other day the house was going to burn down, so we took him around and showed him the smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, gas safety shut off etc to calm him down. Then it was someone breaking in, showed him locks on doors/windows, high fences etc. Then on Wednesday was a major meltdown because he was worried Mark and I would get a divorce because we had been fighting so much! This really confused me as I can't remember the last time we had a fight but when Cam explained we realised when Mark and I teased each other he thought we were fighting.
Thing is, Im as sarcastic as hell and so is Mark. The 'fight' that set Cameron off was earlier in the car where I was singing, mark said I sounded like a dying cat and I said I had a great voice he was just a deaf old man. That was it. We were laughing and none of it was said in an aggressive tone or anything so I didn't think anything of it. In retrospect Caitlin was laughing too and agreeing with her dad (I am a dreadful singer) but Cameron was quiet. I just assumed he was playing Pokemon go on my phone and none of us exsisted.
We had a talk to him and we're trying to be more careful what we say but told him if he's not sure then to ask us if we're fighting or just kidding around. Since then he's been asking all the time, I could be having a normal conversation about what to have for dinner and Cam will ask if I'm ok because I sound stressed, I'll ask Mark to do something and he'll say 'ok in a minute' and Cam will ask if I'm mad at him. It sounds horrible but I'm scared to do or say anything now in case I accidently worry him. We have another meeting with the autism/adhd team at the start of October but thinking I'm going to have to see them before then.
It's not all been bad don't get me wrong, we've had some great day trips and some lovely family time just sitting about watching TV, going out for picnics and dinners etc.
I've also managed a lot of scrapping :) 14 layouts in a week! They're not my best as I've done them with my scraps and 'overflow' embellishment box which never look quite as cohesive and together as my 'kit' ones. My scraps box was overflowing though so needed done!
This is an old one I did with on of my fave Like for ever kits. I loved the papers and wanted to show all sides of them so this layout I saw on pinterest was perfect!
The photo is from a couple of Christmas' ago. We used to have an 'event' calender as well as a chocolate calender, things like making a gingerbread house, going to see the lights turning on in town, going for breakfast etc. The kids are a bit old for the crafty things but they still love the meals out and day trips!
One of our faves is the buffet breakfast at the beefeater near our house. Its really laid back and I can chill out with a coffee while the kids play their ds and eat (their fave past times!) This day was even better as we had just finished our food when I think half the kids class turned up. Not long behind them was Santa!
All the kids were playing in a small room near the tables, talking to santa and getting gifts while the Mums and Dads chatted.
Fueled up with a big breakfast, I spent the rest of the day shopping :) Brilliant day all round!

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