Sunday, 28 August 2016

The disney force

Hello :) What day are we on now? Sunday, Ok then lol. Feels weird because I did a car boot yesterday and usually that's a Sunday activity.
Was lucky though, we just packed up and the rain started and a CRAZY thunder storm began! Seriously the house was shaking with the thunder, poor Cait was scared and Scamp was going nuts!
Much nicer today though, so plan to carry on sorting the garage now Ive got rid of all the car boot bits. The aim is to get electric installed in there in the new year so we can put a chest freezer out there. That has been the aim since we moved in 7 years ago though so lets wait and see ;)
I did say id share a recent layout today, but I'm going to have to wait on that one again. Weather was dreadful yesterday so no point even trying to get photos, I can share a bargain I bought on Friday though.
Look what I found in TK maxx! £3, sugar paper punches! Never even heard of these, was just browsing the baking section for cookie cutters and spotted them. Cut paper perfectly so I was thrilled!
So not an up to date layout but still a layout to share. I took these photos in Disneyland a few years ago, I love the one of caitlin as it looks like Stitch is actually trying to grab her.
Journaling reads:
We told you both you could pick a toy at the end of our week at Disneyland. On day two though you saw these Stitch soft toys and that was it. they went everywhere with you for the rest of the holiday.
They still have these teddies :) Even though they're older they both love their soft toys. I still have a couple I got before they were born though so I can't say anything about it! :)

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