Thursday, 11 August 2016

Happy mail

Today was an up and down day, though thankfully more ups than downs :)
Kids were very quiet this morning and both played with their games when they got up. As a result the grown ups managed to sleep in which was a lovely start to the day. Got to love snuggles with my fur baby in the morning.
Mark had a hospital appointment with the brain injury clinic in Wellingbrough. It was a long appointment so the kids took their ds and book to entertain them. Wish I was clever enough to do that as I had nothing to do!
Managed to keep myself entertained looking at Pinterest, thank goodness for smartphones :)
The appointment was pretty much as expected. Marks ability to process information is getting worse so he's been referred to the young persons dementia team. Looking on the bright side I suppose that means we can get some help and I'm not going crazy thinking there's something wrong when there isn't lol.
Coming home I was feeling a bit down so I was so pleased to get this happy mail from a friend. I had bought some add ons for this months LFE kit and split it with another member. She had not only sent me the bits I bought but included these goodies too.
Honestly I'm so lucky to have the online friends that I do. :) I feel very lucky.

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