Monday, 5 September 2016

Back to school!

So was back to school today!! We were all so ready for that. The kids love being off but the novelty was wearing off and I was more than eager to get back into a routine.
First though we had one last trip. We booked a cheap Sun holiday at the start of the year to spend a couple of days down at Haven in Mablethorpe. We always love these holidays as everything is on site and the whole family can come, even the furry ones. :)
While there we also made this! I love it, seriously I LOVE it! We all painted it together and put our fingerprints around the edge. I plan to use it to put Santas cookies on on Christmas eve.
Also, look! I remembered to take photos of some of my more recent layouts! I'm doing well on the to do list today :)
Th colour is a bit off, its not quite so blue in real life but you get the idea. I was using up my scraps as much as possible so this was a good one for all the strips I seem to have.
Also managed to scrap some photos from around 4 years ago! So was a very productive 'use it up' layout.
Tomorrow I really need to blog about my scavenger hunt photos. Ill add it to my list :)

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