Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Challenge YOUrself

I was about to say it was August then but it's not its September! Maybe my brain will wake up a bit now the kids are back to school...........nah probably not!
So it's Challenge YOUrself time again! Thankfully I was a little more with it this time and remembered to use a photo of me first time.
This months challenge was to include sewing somewhere on your layout. Now I've seen some sewing layouts and I think they are amazing and beautiful but I will hold my hands up and admit I do not have the patience to do the intricate work others do. Its beautiful, its lovely, but it's not for me.
So I wanted to show you didnt need to do a huge amount to make sewing pretty. I had this die cut paper in my stash a friend had cut for me and I decided to use the stitching to highlight the pinwheel design. I didn't have any embroidery thread nearby so I used some rustic twine I had in my stash. I could have gone and got some but I'm lazy so there you go. I like how it turned out anyway :)
I think most of the embellishments I've used are from the Coco vanilla 'Hello sunshine' collection which I was lucky enough to pick up in a sale recently over at Like forever. I love the colours in these and they go great with this photo of me on holiday last year.
Jornalling reads:
Somewhere, in the recesses of my Mums loft is a photo of me, aged 1, sitting next to the same Humpty Dumpty. I still love him now :)

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  1. Hi Gemma! I know that sewing is not your favorite, but you really ROCKED it here on your gorgeous page! I love,LOVE how you used the die cut and enhanced it with your stitching! Thank you!


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