Sunday, 11 September 2016

Keeping me on my toes

I've got a fair few photos in my 'to scrap' pile that don't have a story to go with them as such, but are still nice photos. I was struggling to scrap them because of this but then decided to use them to scrap general stories. Daft things my kids say for example.
This one is a photo of Caitlin and me years ago on Camerons birthday, but the story is from a couple of months ago when we were watching tv.
Caitlin - I love pole dancing.
Me - Caitlin, what's pole dancing?
Caitlin - Its like at the circus where the man climbs the pole and then spins and does tricks.
Me - Ah *breathes again*
I love the look on her face here, she looks like shes up to mischief even then!!

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