Thursday, 1 September 2016


Well Ive had an interesting night. :\
Was walking Scamp home when I heard shouting, I was listening to music on my headphones so took them off and heard someone shout 'Help!' me and another lady went towards the shout and found out a disabled ladys house was on fire!
We got her out and to safety and the other lady waited with her (and Scamp who happily trotted into a house on fire behind me, crazy dog) while I went back in and phoned the fire brigade. I found some bottles of water as couldn't find the kitchen (house was a maze!) and started to put the fire out. I came back out to tie up Scamp and me and the lady (Sally it turned out) went back in and managed to put the fire out using the kitchen tap, vases and bottles of water we found in the living room. Fire engine turned up and checked the place out. Ambulance came and checked us all out (even gave me my ECG and forms for further scrapbook layout) and all good. Bit of singes hair and the lady who's house it was was obviously shook up but all healthy. Home to a rather worried family only about 3 hours after I left lol.
It sounds so crazy and surreal now. TBH I'm still a little in shock about the whole thing, I mean come on, putting a house fire out with vases of water! Its nuts!
The fireman did give me his coat though lol.
So off craziness and onto layouts. Im sure you can forgive me for not photographing more up to date layouts tonight, by the time I got home it was dark lol. This one is a scraplift and I love it!
Not my usual style, if I tried to do a layout like this by myself it usually looks like I've just chucked random embellishments on a page, loved this one though so copied it pretty much identical.
Ok I fully admit the wine is kicking in now and I cant remember at all who did this originally but I will find out and put credit in later lol.
Off to bed now, night night!

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