Wednesday, 14 September 2016

You are enough.

Wow, its now September and I forgot to share this.
I am a HUGE Supernatural fan! Not only do I love the show but the fan base and the cast are amazing. They say its part of being the 'Supernatural family' and t is kinda true. If you post on any of the facebook groups about a problem or being sad etc the posts of support you will get is crazy.
The cast are brilliant too. The work they do for charity and their fans is inspirational, seriously I cannot gush enough about how great they are!
Anyway one of the charities is 'Always keep fighting' (info here) which donates to mental illness/suicide causes. One of the ways they raise money is though selling limited edition t-shirts.
I've always wanted one, but since it had to be imported etc I just couldn't justify the cost. For my birthday this year though I thought sod it I want one!
I was soooooo excited when it came :) I'm a bit of a bargain hunter and don't usually buy clothes for myself unless it's on sale. So this is now the most expencive piece of clothing I own lol. Worth it though :)

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