Friday, 9 September 2016


I love this photo. It was taken when Mark and I went down to London to see The Lion King. It was a couple of years ago now, but that year we had a resolution to do more things just the two of us. Obviously the kids are the most important parts of our lives but we had got to a point where we went nowhere without them. If we were out shopping and decided to grab a coffee or a mcdonalds I would feel bad we were doing it without the kids.
So this trip we asked my Mum to babysit, and off we went to London for the day! It was a brilliant day out, and the kids had a great time with Nanny. I think the fact I spent a small fortune on gifts for them while we were there might have helped too :p
I called the layout 'Darlin' because I was using the journaling jar my friend Julia had given me. It contained lots of little prompts such as a book you recently read, your fave colour, or something you like to be called.
When Mark and I first got together he started to think of a pet name for me. He called me baby, sweetheart, honey, but none of them sounded right. Then one night he txt me and said 'Night Darlin' and it stuck :)
11 years later he still calls me that, I'm only Gemma if I'm in trouble, lol.
Speaking of getting into trouble, I'm sure my kids try to make me look bad at times! Cameron came into my room the other night looking all scared:

Cameron - Mummy Im worried about you.
Me - Why love?
Cameron - Because you drink lots of alcohol in the morning and they said on the news at school today alcohol is bad.
Me - I don't drink alcohol in the morning love! Where did you get that idea?!
Cameron - You drink coffee and you said we're not allowed coffee because it has alcohol in it.
Me - No, I said it has caffeine in it.
Cameron - Is caffeine and alcohol not the same thing?
Me - No. *sigh*

Expecting a call from social services soon about my drinking!

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