Thursday, 16 September 2010


Ok latly I've been a bad blogger/scrapper/forum chatter. But things seem to be on the up. :) With the kids, Mark, other commitments and housework to deal with, I don't mind admitting its a very fine balance. lol. Well latly the balance has been heavily towards other commitments so everything else is all over the place! I hate when its like that as I feel so overwhelmed and can't seem to get anything right. Well last night hubby delt with the kids while I put my headphones on, music blaring and made a list of everything I need to do and when I need to do it. So feel MUCH more in control now. :) Managed to get quite a bit done today and the calenders full for the next couple of weeks but feel a lot better. :)
Anyway, I missed whats on your workdesk Wednesday but I did take a photo of my workdesk last night. And this is what was on it. lol.

I love this martini glass. I got it in spain years ago. Amazed it's not broken yet. lol
This is whats on my desk right now. Much cuter. lol

Also it was Caitlins first dance lesson today. :) She LOVES dancing and though she is young she is really good at copying simple steps, the The wiggles or redcoats at butlins, so took her along. Was thrilled at how well she did! The instructor even commented on how quick she took to it and wasn't scared at all. So proud!!!!

I also managed some scrapping. :) But will show that tomorrow. :)


  1. Well done Caitlin, youre a star
    hazel x

  2. aawww, what a cutie on your desk :) .... I'm a big big fan of lists, I feel it helps me sort things out and not panic - hey, I'm not saying I don't still forget things and rush around like an idiot at the last moment, but seeing ticks on things makes me feel so much better. Don't beat yourself up over blogging, chatting etc - ever so often we need a bit of space for everday things, otherwise they soon become a chore!


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