Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Whats on my work desk today? In a word, Chaos! Been scrapping today and yesterday so everythings kinda shoved about all over the place. in this picture I'm working on a lo for a sketch challenge. Been meaning to do it for weeks but keep forgetting! The finished product is at the bottom of the page.

Well look what came today!!!!

Im not big on dies but saw this a while ago and LOVED it! I love how you can layer the flowers and it cuts though fabric and metal as well. So good to make things like this hair clip for Caitlin. :)

One idea Im looking forward to is making flowers from their old clothes, then using the flower in a layout of them wearing the clothes if you see what I mean. :)
Well other than cutting flowers from everything we did a lot of painting today! As it was so nice I suggested park but kids weren't interested and wanted to paint. Fair enough, lol. So got all the paints and paper out and let them go mad. Cameron made me laugh:
Cameron - I painted Thomas
Me - Where is he?
Cameron (with a naughty grin) - Hes hiding
Me - um, where?
Cameron then lifts his top to show his whole stomach is blue! Shouting 'Here he is!!'
lol. oh well, as long as they had fun.

This is the layout I did for the sketch challenge on uks. Really lke this one, getting into using embossing in my layouts now thanks to my Cuttlebug.
This shows Cameron at cheeky monkeys on his birthday. He loves the cherry iceblasts there but always calls them fluffy drinks. lol.

Thanks to all who asked about my stamp book. Not finished it yet but will do tomorrow then do a step by step. :)


  1. some great work there. love the look of that die too

  2. Gemma, I love the flowers beautiful colours and the hair clip is fab. I have a flower die (multiple cut bigz die, so its similar) and I love using material and thin metal a patterned paper. You have inspired me to get out my flower die again :)

  3. I adore this die. Great work.


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