Wednesday, 22 September 2010


A great big cup of coffee! Thats whats on my desk today. lol. SO tired! Been doing lots of day trips with the kids latly, making the most of whats left of summer. Then dismantaling Camerons room and putting it all back together has killed me off almost. lol. The lo on the desk has been there since monday waiting for a title but not done it. WILL do it tonight!

On a good note Cameron adores his room. :) Have a hard time getting him out of it, its great really as he liked his own space and now has enough room to build his track and play properly. Will try and get a picture tomorrow. Not been tidy enough to photograph since he came home and saw it all done!
Sunday we went to a local farm and picked berries. Caitlin loves the farm though isn't too fond of animals touching her. lol She loves the park, digging in mud and it all. Not so girly my girl.

See, this goat came too close, shes squealing here and smacking her hands together. lol

Cameron loved the berry picking. Caitlin is sat on a bale of hay behind us eating a bag of berries, lol. Going to take them again soon as didnt realise they would enjoy it that much.

So berry picking, rabbits, park. good day out really!

Made the berries into jam. Was very pleased with myself as turned out really well! Kids and hubby like it so thats good. :)
Will share some layouts tomorrow after dancing, town, nursery and shopping. I dont know how working mums do it!

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