Sunday, 12 September 2010

Its not sunday already is it?!

Where on earth is time going recently!? I think because I wasn't well (cold on my chest) it's knocked me for 6 regarding days. lol.
Didn't do much Friday besides sleep and go to a dr appointment with my sister. not for me for her, we think shes bi-polar and since I know about that type of stuff, and I'm not scared to stand up to drs I went along with her. She's being reffered to a psychiatic hospital in the next town so hopwfully get that sorted soon. :)
Saturday was much more fun, lol. Dragged myself to my crop where we had a 'Stampin up' demonstrator come and show us a few cards. Managed to get some stamps I've wanted for a while with 50% off! So was very pleased. :) Did a couple of los but felt rough so needed to leave early. :(
Today hubby went round his friends for a bit so I've took the opportunity to clear out kids clothes/toys and gut the house a bit. Very bloody confused as chucked out 3 binbags of stuff, and put another 4 on freecycle and house doesnt look any cleaner?!
going to chill with a cuppa and a good book now so will leave you with some super cute photos of Bella and family. :)

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  1. Oh how sweeeeeet is that photo of Caitlin and Bella - it is crying out to be scrapped.

    Hope you are now feeling a bit better

    K xx


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