Saturday, 18 September 2010

I thought I got a cat?

Rather than a dog/elephant/parrot? Bella is So strange, lol. She runs about the house running into things/falling off things/chasing her tail! She makes such a loud noise running too, lol, sounds like an elephant. Also her favourite place to be right now is also curled up on ether my or marks shoulder. See, strange.
Well on Friday we did a sponsored walk called 'The big toddle' in aid of Bernardo's. The kids did really well and it was so much fun. We walked around a Park then they were given a medal and a cupcake. :) This is them relaxing after their hard work.

They also had a magician afterwards and Cameron loved it! Was really surprised as hes not usually the show off one (that's Caitlins job, lol) but he took part in all the tricks and did really well. Caitlin was more content to just play in the park. lol

Well as I said before I've been doing more scrapping lately. Did a few challenges which I'm SO behind on. This is Amanda marys challenge on uks
Use a photo/s that represents someone/thing or how something has changed - From me playing 2p machines as a child, to playing them with my child!
Use journalling - across the bottom
Stripes to represent the fetes of childhood tents, any of the ice cream shades - in the background
I loved this one as made me have a different take on this photo than I probably would have otherwise. Journalling reads about how I don't see it when people say Cameron looks like me, but in this picture we have the exact same smile. And we also both love 2p machines! The $ in the corner is actually the first keyring he won while playing. Dread to think what it cost me. lol

This is the SAS scrappers weekly challenge. Rules being
Guilty pleasure/Obsession – hubby obsessed with star wars, guilty pleasure, holidays!
Chocolate brown – done
Circle - done
The title so much love has lots of meanings. The obvious being the father and son love, then my husbands LOVE of star wars (seriously, he used to recite the script to my stomach when I was pregnant) and our love of family holidays.

This wasn't done for a challenge. I just love the photo. lol

Well we went berry picking today. The kids were covered in blackberry juice and I now have a bowl full of blackberries and sloes I've been ordered to make into jam. Think my son actually expects it for his breakfast tomorrow. Oh well, he can have strawberry and see if he notices. lol


  1. Bella sounds so cute, I love it when they start acting like humans! Lol :) Love the big smile on Caitlin's face! Beautiful layouts :)

  2. Sounds like you all had fun on your walk :)

    Fab layouts

  3. Aww you have so much fun with your littlies - I love seeing the little peeks into your life. Great layouts as always.

    Karen x


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