Thursday, 9 September 2010


In a word thats how life has been latly. lol. Eveery day I say 'got to blog today' but then other things get in the way. Good and bad. so though I'd make a point of it tonight. Can't belive how quick time has passed latly. Not done any scrapping!
On Saturday we went to a local fete. Wasn't a huge amount to do really but kids ate ice cream and went on a few fair rides so they loved it. Was a dog show there too which really fueled my desire to get a puppy. :( Know I cant have one though.

How cute. lol

Sunday we went to our usual car boot sale. Got the usual bits and bobs then spotted a scrapbooking book on a stall, went to look and next to it were a pile of sizzix dies!!!! Now you never find stuff like this, been going car boots for 5 years now and never found any, lol. So snapped them up. :) Got a flower, bear, lamb, mini cards, etc. Was thrilled to say the least. :)
Afterwards took the kids down to the park. Cameron made me laugh in the sand pit, he put his bucket down on one side, then walked to the other, got a spadeful of sand, took it back over and dumped it in his bucket. Tried to explain would be quicker just o take the bucketover. Nope, wanted to do it his way. lol. Fair enough.

Had to share this photo. lol. Our tin opener died so went and got a new one. It didn't work! So this was Marks solution. pmsl. Yes, a hammer and screwdriver. In his defence it did work, lol.

Now this little cutie was another car boot bargain. lol. We were walking about and saw a stall rasing money for stray animals. Her mum was abondoned while pregnant and they were looking for homes for the kittens. Well how could I say no! Cant have a puppy, kitten next best thing. :) Her name is Bella, and she fits in really well. Kids love her and shes happy to play for ages. Feels like shes been in the family forever. :)

Bound to have more photos of her soon. :) Got my crop Saturday so hopefully will do some scrapping then!


  1. Good to see you blog Gemma - Bella looks a real cutie.

  2. What a fab find, scrapbooking things at a carboot! :) Bella is adorable!


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