Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Stop and smell the roses

I seriously need to do some of that sometime soon! Keep planning to have a relaxing evenign then by the time kids go bed and the bomb site is tidied up I'm too tired to do anything else!
Had some good news yesterday though, :) I'll be starting training in October to do volunteer work with homestart. I'm SO excited about this as it's the kind of thing I love to do and really miss doing since I became a stay home mum. Will only be a few hours a week but hopefully will make me feel like I'm doing something. Don't get me wrong I adore my kids but as most stay home mums will know the second you tell someone thats what you are their eyes glaze over and they say 'Oh so you just stay home then?' Yes, I sit on my fat arse all day doing nothing. Oh, and your taxes pay for it, haha.
Sorry, bit of a touchy subject. lol. Just bothers me that as soon as you're on benifits a lot of people think you're the type on Jeramy Kyle, not working for the choice if you know what I mean. I loved working, but childcare for two babies would have bankrupted me so wasn't worth it. lol
OK less heavy subjects, took the kids out to dinner monday night to the harvester. Was their first dinner out that wasnt McDonalds so was nice. Was one of the funniest meals of my life! First Mark took the whole lid off the vinigar thinking it was a screw lid one and managed to soak his chips, then he got told off for filling up the kids fruit shoot bottles from the coke refill tap. Honestly, I was worried the kids would play up!! lol. They were actually stars, Cameron had all the staff charmed by telling them a step by step who we were 'This is my sister Caitlin, shes my little sister, she likes Peppa pig' and both did really well eating their dinner. Though Cameron was much more impressed with the bread rolls and kept asking for more. No idea why, give him a bread roll at home he picks it apart and makes a mess!
Taking Caitlin to have her hair cut tomorrow, then she starts dance lessons Thursday! Shes getting too big, not impressed. :( Thank goodness I've got baby Bella now, lol, he and Caitlin are firm friends. It's so cute, Bella will lie on her pillow and caitlin will lie next to her with their noses touching. And they'll just lie there! Think it's the only time Caitlins still. lol
Right I've waffled on enough, fingers crossed for me Caitlin sits still getting her hair done tomorrow!

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  1. Congrats on the Homestart job. Glad they enjoyed their meal out. Look forward to seeing more piccies of Bella soon


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