Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas crafts

12 months to get ready and I dont think you ever fully are. lol. 2 weeks to go and I've got SO much still to make! One big thing are these.

Now my mum is a typical non-crafter. She looks at something I've done, and while she loves it, she has NO idea how long it takes or what work goes into it. So true to form on Saturday she asked me if I'd make her more of these. 5 more. I made some 2 years ago and took about a month and shes had another grandchild since then! Granted these alone don't take too long but with kids and housework everything takes 10 times longer doesn't it. lol. So I have 5 of these for my mum, 9 for my gran and two toy boxes to build paint and decorate. Oh and 2 bake sales and 3 christmas parties too, and usual housework, and drs appointments. Is christmas over yet? lol


  1. time to put on your superwoman pants Gemma!!!!

    Sweet decoration - always makes me laugh when a non-crafter says 'Oh could you just make ......' - it always makes it sound as if these things can just be knocked up in a few minutes LOL!!

    Karen x

  2. Oh I'm so with you on that Gemma - I thoguht it would be a good idea to make my own wreath this year & I'm not even half way through yet! I'm hoping I might have it finished for next Christmas! x


Thanks for your comments. :)