Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas banner

Saturday was my monthly crop. As it was also the day we were giving out our secret Santa's, this is how Deanne decided to dress. lol.

Id been looking forward to giving out my secret Santa for ages. :) I'd got Cazz, who LOVES buttons. So I decorated a celebrations tub and begged, swapped and bought as many buttons as I could get my hands on to fill the tub. Was so excited to see her open it. She seemed thrilled so job well done. lol.
I didn't actually do much crafting at the crop. I mainly made flowers to do decorations (not finished yet) but I did receive the bunting in the post from my last swap on UKS. Everyone had made a bunting flag of one letter then we all swapped so we had a banner that spelt out merry Christmas.

You cant see the M very well but theres a beautiful tree die cut on it.

Mine is the R, but my favourite letter is the C, just beautiful.

Last of the letters. :)

Never done a swap like this before but really glad I did. The finished banner is just amazing and so unique.
Right, got lots of housework to do this morning, then baking with the kids this afternoon. Hopefully will be a fun run up to christmas!


  1. omg dont i look fab - not ;) lol xthanks for sharing lol x

  2. The banner is lovely, no wonder your pleased to get it and the tin of buttons was a great idea, any photos?

  3. Love the banner Gemma, and some great swaps, hope you are well and I wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and Healthy New Year.

  4. The banner is stunning and it looks great hanging there!

  5. Love the outfit :) And a super banner it looks great - Have a lovely Christmas.


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