Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Touch wood but great day so far!!

Well a very happy bunny this morning :) Touch wood though as Mark is at the hospital for his usual checks plus his 6 monthly scan so can go very wrong very quick! But staying positive for the moment. So, sent mark off on the train very early, got the kids ready, had a mad panic about missing gloves so sent Caitlin in in Camerons spare pair, lol, got both to nursery/school and came home to clean and relax a bit. :) Decided to check my boots card. I lost it back in 2009 and wondered if anything was on it. £25! Result. :) Buy myself something nice in the sales I think. :) Then the postman came and brought more goodies. First this :)
This was one of the balls from the Found in a ball Christmas swap. Not the best photo but was in a rush to open it. lol Took me ages! lots of goodies inside wrapped in about a mile and a half of fibres and ribbon. lol

And look what else the postie brought! Yep I won £100 worth of iceland vouchers!!! I never win anything. lol. I was literally dancing around the living room.

well loads still to do and got to go pick caitlin up in 20 minutes! Wheres the morning gone?!


  1. Isn't it lovely when the postman brings good things. So pleased for you.

  2. Lovely goodies there, congrats on the vouchers.

  3. Great win Gemma - lovely surprise in the post for you

    Karen x

  4. Congratulations, hope it is good news from the hospital.


Thanks for your comments. :)