Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas fun :)

Well yesterday, for one,went to plan and Caitlin and I went to see Happy feet 2 at the cinema. As it was wednesday we showed up early as its usually mobbed. Yeah I think there were about 6 people there lol. Meant we could sit in the premier seats though :) lol. While waiting Caitlin had a great time playing with all the ads to the films coming soon. There was also an Alvin and the chipmunks one and she was amazed that Alvin was 3d so she could hold his

The film itself was actually really good. I admit I liked the first one so expected to like this, but it was really cute and a generally sweet film. I was amazed though that Caitlin and I were the youngest one there by far! Everyone was about the same age as my gran and grandad. lol. They were all smitten by Caitlin though who got up and danced to the last song. lol.
Today was Camerons christmas tree festival at school. The idea here was that every class decorates a tree based on a christmas carol, then they are all displayed and parents come and have to guess which carol they represent. There were also other games like finding elves and tombola. Apart from it being REALLY crowded it was a nice afternoon out. :) Kids stuffed themselves with cakes and I won some wine glasses. :) All good, lol. This is Cameron standing in front of his classes tree. :) Its covered in pictures of men called Noel. Can you guess the carol? lol

Tomorrow is painting Camerons room, then coffee with my mum and any last minute Christmas shopping we need to do. :) Camerons staying at my mums tomorrow night so will be a girly night here. Thats if he's well enough bless him, seems to have a bit of a cold but managing ok so far. Last day at school tomorrow then hes home for nearly 3 weeks. :) I admit I'm looking forward to having him home. Lots of christmas crafts planned!


  1. My DS wants to see that movie too...loved the 1st one - might see if we can get into it :) Sounds very busy but lots of lovely things to enjoy :)

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely day.

  3. Obviously a good time was had by all


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