Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Lessons to pass on

One thing I strongly believe in is that if someone else has needs which are greater than your own, then their needs should be met first. This is a lesson I am pleased to say I'm passing on to the kids too. :) Personally while they're obviously the center of my universe, I think it's not bad thing for them to learn they're not the center of THE universe. So while I'd never let them go hungry to feed someone else, I'd certainly expect them to share.
To be honest I'm amazed how quick they are to do it anyway. Both often sort out their toys to give to charity, and both have done sponsored events with me. I think it might be because they see me doing the same thing, plus their dad and I often explain to them how lucky they are and some other children aren't so fortunate. However moments like today just bring home how lucky I am to have such great kids. I've been promising for ages to take Caitlin to see the new Happy feet film. She LOVES the first one and has been desperate to go since she saw the ad for the second. We were supposed to be going today and were both looking forward to it.
However last night something came up where I had to help some other little girls today who have much less than my two do. I told Caitlin we couldn't go and why, expecting tears, or at least a mini tantrum 'Ok Mummy we'll go next week' she says. Wanted to cry I was so proud!
Just a picture of my wonderful, understanding kids. :)

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