Monday, 12 December 2011

Ice skating!

Well Saturday we went to see Santa again :) This time with my two eldest neices Mollie and Evie.

Santa was good, but nowhere near as good as last week. Cameron was dissapointed there was no secret door. lol. The highlight of the day was defintely ice skating :) None of them had been before so were given these penguins to help them balance.

Typical Caitlin used the penguin for about 5 minutes, decided she didn't need it and was off on her own! She actually did really well, had to force her to hold my hand for this photo. :)

Included in the price of the grotto was also the mini fun fair. Really got value actually, plus the park was dead so no queues!

Well by now everyone was hungry so we went to a nearby pub for lunch. Cameron was amazed to see this in the car park! lol.

All in all a great day out. :) Caitlins now bugging me to go ice skating again. Not yet though, get christmas out of the way first!

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  1. Sounds like everyone had a great day, those penguins look great, I could have done with one of them when I went skating! :) x


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