Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Happy day :)

Last night was a lovely relaxing night :) Caught up on some TV with Mark, did some homework with the kids and basically just chilled out.
One of Caitlins current projects is based on Georges Marvellous medicine; she has to make up her own potion, make it and write abotu it. So we came up with 'Double trouble' where if you drink it it makes two of you :) I could use something like that sometimes!
Wouldn't drink it though, as well as sugar, salt and tomato sauce there are leaves and orange peel in there. Can't imagine it would taste too good lol.
Today I've been putting together the bits I got from Ikea and look at my new craft area!!!! I am SO thrilled with it!
Caitlins staying at my Mums this friday so going to dump the boys in front of the tv and try it out I think :)
Being imaginative I decided to glue some magnets onto the bottom of my stickles and stick them to the underside of the little metal stands. For the most part it worked great.....
One or two however glued themselves to the table. See this is why I ask my Dad to do DIY, you daren't let me near a drill!

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