Friday, 3 October 2014

5 years

Well today is very special to us. Its 5 years since Mark has his liver transplant which saved his life and changed all ours for the better.
That said however amazing it is for us we don't forget there is a family out there who remember this day for a very different reason. We don't know much about the donor except that it was a young man in a moterbike accident. We wrote a letter to his family thanking them and telling them about the kids and everything as really it was the only thanks we could give and obviously we are so grateful.
On that note it was quite fitting that this petition popped up on my facebook newsfeed. I've long thought that the Uk should have an 'opt out' policy for organ donation rather than an opt in one. I know not everyone agreed based on religion or personal views but when I die they can take what they like from me, its no good to me anymore and just seems such a waste to do nothing when my organs could save lives. Controversaily I've also had Caitlin and Cameron signed onto the register since they were born. Which met with a LOT of anger from Mums at baby groups I tell you! But I've always had the view if they needed help I'd want someone to help them so I can't really expect that if I wouldn't be willing to let them help others.
Ok off my soapbox now, if you agree and want to sign the opt out petition hopefully this link works, if not sure a quick google will take you there :)
So in summary, today is a day I will always be grateful for my amazing, loving, hubby :)

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  1. A lovely post and I agree it should be opt out rather than in.
    They can take anything but my eyes - that just creeps me out!


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