Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Rented out for a bar of chocolate

Last night Mark put a picture of the wreath I made on his facebook. The amount of people who messaged him asking for one was crazy! I didn't want to do one for everyone but agreed to do some for some of his good friends as long as they paid for the beads. Mark then added on they gave me the bead money and a bar of chocolate lol.
So this is the one I'm currently working on.
Might put some little dark green blocks in to make it look more 'Minecrafty' iykwim. Keeps me busy anyway :)


  1. A nice little earner, put them on ebay!!!

  2. You should definitely make and sell your Hamma creations they're great! I know people would love the Instagram coasters you made for me x

  3. This is brill, can you let me have a close up or a copy of your instructions please :D my boys would love this and we have thousands of the beads left over from years ago lol


Thanks for your comments. :)