Friday, 24 October 2014

catch up again

Well another busy week! But very productive and fun. Honestly it's just flown by!

Today Caitlin took her potion homework into class. We wrote the mixture onto a themed sheet of 12x12, ripped the edges and inked them to look old. love the effect.
Look how proud she is bless her. I carried in in though as she nearly dropped it as was a bit heavy!
I finally managed to make a proper list of everything that needs done between now and Christmas. It's longer than I expected with less time than I thought but I feel much better having it all planned out :)

Started to tackle the list today! First up, finished all the hair clips for the party and then made the invitations :)
Loving my snowflake die :)
Was supposed to be rainbows tonight but Caitlin didn't want to go :( Ended up dressed in a cosy onesie and watching a DVD in our bed. Hope shes not coming down with something.

Back to the list! I'm making a lot of gifts this year to keep costs down and wanted to make the kids a new doorhanger each. Cameron obviously Mario
and Caitlin Hello Kitty :)
Left the room to make a cup of tea and I think Scamp wanted to play, so need to redo Mario I think!
Was so sweet today. I was listening to the kids play and heard Cameron say this to his sister:
'You know how you keep saying you're ugly? well you need to stop that, you are beautiful all the time' Awww!!! God I love them :)

Such a long day! Started up town buying lots of bits and bobs that I needed for craft porjects, Got most of the things on my list but for some reason bog standard a4 white card seems to be nowhere to be found! Did get Scamp a new bed though which he loves :)
Not that hes giving up his old bed yet, I tried to put it away in the garage and he stood at the door and cried lol, so had to put it back.
Now this year for the kids to give to their class Caitlin wants snowman kits. So I looked everywhere for pretzel sticks for the arms. No joke we were wondering about Tesco with Mark singing 'We just want to build a snwoman! But can't find the pretzel sticks!'
Ended in me just buying normal ones and snapping them. My prototype turned out cute though :) drew the face on with food colouring pens.
So had just enough time to make that before rushing to get Cait, get her changed and back to school for the Halloween disco. because I was working there she wanted to go to the reception disco and her year groups. Which was nice as she got to spend time with Lillie who she doesn't see often now.
Was nice to see Evie in Caits year group too :)
While it was fun, 4 hours at the school helping and dancing took their toll on my baby girl, ended up having to carry her home as she was falling asleep on her feet. Doesn't seem that long ago her Daddy was doing the same for me!


  1. Snowflakes and hama beads - you'll be having nightmares!!!
    Cute witches :)

  2. What a busy but productive week - I must start my list but first I need to get my next fundraiser out of the way - I can't be panicing about fundraising and Christmas at the same time LOL. The girls look really cute in their fancy dress


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