Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Today we went to the farm with the kids for their Halloween event. We have an annual pass and often visit as dogs on leads are permitted everywhere so it's a great place to take Scamp too. So we were really dissapointed to visit today and see he was no longer allowed in the park area :( I can understand dogs having to be kept on leads and pick up after them etc but will really put a damper on our visits from now on as not much fun for me to stand about and watch form the other side of the fence. :(
That aside it was a nice visit :) Weather was amazing and kids loved running about in the sunshine. We didn't do a lot of the activities as to be honest the kids are getting a bit old now but Cameron enjoyed the spooky house.
Caitlin took two steps in, felt a big furry spider brush her face and walked right back out lol. She did however make a fairy wand from willow and ribbon so that pleased her.
There was also a 'Boob box' where you had to put your hand in and guess what it was. I caught Cameron cheating and looking however. Love his 'What I wasn't doing anything?!' face!
Well tomorrow Camerons going for his first sleepover tomorrow night, only going next door though so I'm not too worried lol. Caitlin has a birthday party to go to until late so going to be another long day I think.


  1. Hope Cam's sleepover goes well - at least he is not too far away!! Hope you are having a good half term break

  2. Imogen hates Halloween and won't go anywhere Halloween related!


Thanks for your comments. :)