Saturday, 4 October 2014

Baking :)

A while ago we made plans to go out with some friends for dinner tonight. However early in the week they found out they had less money than they thought so couldn't afford it. Probably a good thing really as when I looked nor could we lol. So rather than a pricey meal out we decided to just make some bits from the freezer and all stay in.
Caitlin being Caitlin wanted to make a giant chocolate cake for everyone so thats what we did :)
Love her face here. I let her pick 3 tubs of toppings from my baking cupboard which took her a long time to choose lol. Our Asda recently had a revamp of their baking products so were selling off all their old labeled bits for really cheap so I stocked up :)
Good job too as they got a bit excited and covered the cake! lol
As usual was a great night :) The kids played together while the adults had a drink and a laugh. Feeling very lucky to have such great neighbours :)


  1. Brilliant photo - cake looks great

  2. That chocolate cake looks yummy. Great choice of sprinkles Caitlin!


Thanks for your comments. :)