Friday, 10 October 2014

Catch up

Another catch up post, been a busy week this week! But lets be honest when is it not! :)
Housework and finishing off a number of projects today. I finally got my hama beads delivered so finished my Zelda one off.
I'm really enjoying doing my own designs at the moment :) Good job too as I've had a few other orders!

Today was Scamps first birthday so we bought him a bone from a local butchers. This was the smallest one they had! He was so excited bless him he was actually shaking.
Had time for a coffee with the neighbour while finishing off the Minecraft order, before shopping, banking and other boring things needed to be done.

Very proud Mummy today :) Was Caitlins parents evening and she is doing so well. Uses wonderful volcabulary, involves herself in the class and tries hard. Her teacher is great to be honest as does lots of practical work with them which Caitlin thrives at so shes enjoying it too. :) Did make me laugh reading Caitlins school diary though. Found out the following facts:
- 'My daddy is silly, he thinks he lives on the moon!'
- My Mummy and Nanny used to live in Scotland, they speak spanish there.
- Over the Summer holidays we went to New york.
Must have missed that trip! I asked her about it later and she told me 'Yeah we went to New Yorka!' Well, sounds like Majorca I guess lol.

Not the best start to today lol. Drove to town to meet with my family I work with, got there to find I had a flat tyre.
So did what any self respecting 30 year old woman would do.....I rung my Daddy to come rescue me. :) He came and put my spare on so was ok to get home. He had hoped that the tyre just had a slow puncture and could be fixed but turns out I've run over a giant screw somewhere along the line and because it is in the side or something they can't fix it, so he's going to look at a couple of scrap yards over the weekend to try and get me a new one.
Not the best timing TBH as away this weekend with my friend and I was supposed to drive but lovely girl she is Jess is driving now :)
My Mum sent me this photo to cheer me up lol. How cute does Poppy look!

Yey it's Friday!!! I was really unorganised and hadn't packed anything so this morning was a mild panic shoving things into bags. I'm bound to have forgot something but sure what I don't have Jess will :)
Hope everyone else has a great weekend too!

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  1. Firstly stop being a girl and learn how to change a tyre!!!!
    Have you started selling yet, you really should!
    Have a great weekend!


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