Saturday, 25 October 2014

Disney on ice

At the start of this year I decided to try and push myself a little more when it came to things I was scared of. One big thing was driving. I was fine until I was pregnant with Cameron and we drove past a really bad accident involving kids and since then it's been a bit of an issue.
I'm OK driving somewhere I know, or if it's an easy enough drive but complicated places scare the life out of me. With this in mind I booked tickets to Disney on ice early in the year. We've been before, my sister drove and I was freaked out enough as a passsenger let alone driver so I figured this would be a good push. I wouldn't be able to let the girls down once I told them we were going and the train tickets cost a bomb so I wouldn't want to pay for those either lol.
So after a quick pep talk from Mark I set off, and tell you what, it was easy! I was so thrilled when we got there I was dancing in the car park lol. We had a while before the show so we took the girls for lunch and Mum bought me a large glass of wine lol.
The show was amazing as usual and the girls loved it. Both want to go see the next one in March which typically is at the NEC and is so easy to drive to!

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  1. Well done you - my Mum had a thing like that when I was a baby and still hates driving now!


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