Thursday, 23 April 2015


Can you tell I'm excited :) Today was finally the day I got to see the new avengers movie. Mark and I are both huge Marvel fans so when the tickets went on sale back in March I booked right away. So I woke up in a very good mood.
This got even better when Jess txt me saying 'congratulations' Was confused until I saw the photo she had attached from this months Scrapbook magazine!!
Yey!!!! So quick unschedueled trip to town to buy my own copy then it was time for the movie.
Those who know me know I LOVE ice cream, particually ben and jerrys. They've recently started doing Ben and jerry milkshakes at our Odeon so I was looking forward to getting one. You can imagine my dissapointment when the ice cream section was closed. :( Mark asked a member of staff if it was broke and was told no but they don't bring it out until later. :( The lady must have saw my face and offered to take my order and bring it to me in my seat so I didn't miss the movie :) How lovely!!! Went online and gave very good feedback for her.
I won't post any spoilers but the film was amazing :) Just as funny, action packed and interesting as the first. I was a bit sad when it ended as you could tell the next ones will be different but can't stay the same cast forever I guess. Can't wait for the dvd. :)

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