Monday, 27 April 2015

Little protector :)

Busy weekend spring cleaning here :) Managed to sell a few bits on facebook too so yey!
Had an odd experience tonight though, :\ Scamp is usually a big softie, we joke that if anyone tried to rob the house Scamp would roll on his back for a tummy rub lol. Tonight though I was out walking him when a man crossing the road fell. I started towards him and asked if he was ok and he went mad at me! Shouting at me to go away and gesturing really angrily. Scamp, who had been fine up to this point went mental! Barking and growling at the guy. Think that shocked me more than the rude guy yelling at me lol. 2 minutes down the road away from him Scamp was back to his waggy tail self but was very surreal lol.
Odd events over with I've been scrapping a little today. Still have loads of my counterfeit kit left but really want to try a new one so might do a couple more and pack it away for another day. Before then however I did the Sketch challenge over at Scrapmuch?. This was the sketch given.
and this was my take :) Doctor who fans might spot the title is a twist of 'I wear a fez now, fezs are cool'
Every year Mark gets a hat for our holiday. I've no idea why, but he says its not a holiday unless he gets a hat. Fair enough. Few years ago in Turkey Cam borrowed his hat while Caitlin was playing with hats at a market so I snapped a few photos :)
Love all these little embellishments in the kit. Theres loads of them left and I've already done 5 layouts. Its like a never ending box of bits!
Well theres a half finished layout calling me, maybe share that tomorrow :)


  1. Super cute layout! Great job with the sketch! I love the hats! Thanks for sharing with us at ScrapMuch?

  2. Such cute your papers and embellishing! Thanks for playing along with ScrapMuch?!

  3. The page looks fab and the story is "cool" too! Love that sketch, have saved it fit future use. Sounds like Scamp thought his Mum was being threatened and was there to save you x

  4. How fun, love the pics and your story behind it - those are the memories we need to have later on! Thanks for joining us at ScrapMuch?!

  5. How fun!! I love the title!! Thanks for playing along with ScrapMuch?

  6. Great story of the hats - we all have our "thing"
    Great take on the sketch challenge and fun title

    Thank you for joining us at ScrapMuch?


Thanks for your comments. :)