Monday, 6 April 2015

Fun, frantic, fast!

If I had 3 words to describe my Easter weekend those would be the words I'd pick :) We all had a great time but it was over far too fast :( Still have a great week planned so lots to look forward to :)

Friday we had tickets to a local charity Easter party. Cameron was as usual reluctant to go but again as usual loved it when he got there. :) They kids were all very lucky and won a prize each on the tombola.
Considering the tickets were only £4 the party was amazing. There was a disco, easter egg hunt, games and visits from Anna, Elsa, Minions and Spongebob squarepants! The kids spent a happy afternoon running about and dancing while Mum and I caught up. The day was rounded off perfectly when Mollie won a prize in the raffle :) As it was a pirate makeover she kindly gave it to Cameron and I gave her some cash towards a computer game she wants so smiles all round.

Cameron slept over at my Mums last night so was a Caitlin focused day today. Playing games, colouring, reading stories etc. After lunch we took Scamp on a nice long walk and stopped off for sweeties on the way home.
Caitlin bought some weird blue liquid in a deoderant roll on type bottle. Who thinks up these things!? She liked it though, and found it very funny it turned her mouth, tongue and teeth a vivid blue!
I however picked a much more sensible treat. I had settled down to enjoy it and read a chapter or two when Cameron came home with everyone else in tow lol. Oh well.

Car boot sale!!!! Was the first we had gone to this year and the kids were actually quite excited :) My Mum had given them some money for Easter so think that was burning a hole in their pockets.
For once Caitlin got very little and Cam got loads! Cait spent 50p on a colouring book and 'My little pony' carriage, while Cameron got some Pokemon figures, toad teddy, 2 xbox games and 3 huge binders of 'Mr beans a-z of everything'
Guess what I got? :) Looooooook!!!!!
Ok so the egg wasn't from the car boot but look at all those hama beads!!!! £4 for the lot. Very happy easter to me :)
Had planned to do some housework when we get back but after visiting family, the kids went to play with their new stuff as soon as we got home. Next thing I knew I was getting a txt from my neighbour asking if we were still coming round for dinner. Woops!

Well today I started off feeling very sad and guilty. It was a beautiful day outside, everyone seemed to be off to the beach or somewhere else but as I wasn't too well we had to stay home :(
Actually ended up a really nice day :) Rather than sit inside we got the kids science kits out. You know the kind where you make bicarb volcanos or home made perfume etc. Toad joined in too lol
If any of the neigbours heard us (and they'd have to have been deaf not to) they probably have thought we were nuts. Lots of squealing, laughing, shouts of 'Don't do that it will blow up!' and 'Oh look it worked!' lol. A few hours later we had managed to make bouncy balls, 'blood crystals' and more :)
The rest of the day was filled with chocolate, dodgeball, swingball, cuddles and laughs. Perfect :)


  1. Sounds like a fab weekend. What did you think to Salted Caramel Galaxy?

  2. Sounds like a brilliant weekend all round.


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