Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Half finished

If you could see my blog template page you'd see lots of 'draft' posts, where I've started a post but then somethings happened and I've not finished it. Look I'm finishing one now and its also the first day the kids are back at school. Might be a link there! lol
Saturday night I started a blog post about how I was giving up scrapping until after Cams birthday as I had no mojo and was likely to be too busy. I never got a chance to post it as never finished it but funnily enough the next day my mojo seemed to come back and I managed 4 layouts :)
First was for Sketchy scrappers. This months sketch was set by Jess. I admit at first glance I wasn't a fan as a lot of the photo was covered. But thats the great thing about sketches, you can adapt them :)
So this is what I came up with :) This is a pretty recent photo from Christmas just gone. My Mum works in Primark and had bought my Dad one of the dreadful jumpers they had there lol. It's a running joke in my family that no matter what my Dad eats he never gains a pound, with this in mind my Mum picked a Santa with a very stuffed tummy. :) Mark thought it would be funny to pose with my Dad and show his stuffed tummy, but without the jumper lol.
It's my aim over the next week or so to use up most if not all of my Christmas stash so I was pleased to use a few old bits in this layout. The papers and brad here are 5 years old I think!
Yey I finally started and finished a blog post on the same day lol. Surprised to be honest as its been very hectic. Had shopping to do, party planning, cleaning, then after school Caitlin had choir, a party and rainbows then I had my first Pilates lesson since I had the kids lol. I used to love Yoga and everything but you know what its like, you have kids and you're lucky you get time to have a bath let alone leave the house for a lesson in anything. FX Mum and I can make it a weekly thing :)


  1. You wouldn't have thought your mojo had gone the ideas which were flowing around the other night lol! Hope you enjoyed Pilates x

  2. I'm a bit unsure what to do with this sketch but you've done a great job! I loved Pilates - hope you enjoyed your session and get to go again x


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