Friday, 17 April 2015

Feeling good :)

I always feel best when I feel prepared :) Last night I made a list of all the things I needed to buy and what I needed to do before the party on Sunday. Compared to how much I usually do its really quite small :( Sign of the kids growing up I supposed. Cameron doesn't want loads of party games and themed food, still doing a themed cake though ;)
So this morning was a trip to Asda where I managed to get everything on my list (woohoo) plus some new PJs in their sale. I love new pjs. Nothing better than curling up in warm snuggly new pjs and reading or watching tv.
I'm still working on Pokemon decorations and bits for the games so here's another one I did the other day.
To be honest this sat on my desk half finished for about a week until I forced myself to sit down and do it. In the end I just stuck it down and there you go. I wasn't too fond of it at first but its growing on me.
More old embellishments used. got this reindeer in a swap a few years back.
The photo is from Birminghams German Christmas market. Mum, Gran and I go shopping each year but this was our first visit there. Booked for this year again so you can guess we had fun :) The market was HUGE but as we got there early we managed to get around it all before it got too busy. Around 3 the shops were heaving so was time to rest our feet and enjoy a cherry mulled wine and some hot dogs before the bus picked us up. Can't wait for this years trip!

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  1. Love the raised stars and hearts you've done on this one x


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