Thursday, 2 April 2015

Crafting for kids?!

For Christmas Cameron got some Minecraft figures. Basically they were cardboard push outs you had to put together yourself. The large cubes were easy enough but some of the animals and other bits were so tricky!
There was no chance Cam could do these himself so while he played with his friend this morning it turned into my job.
The wolf took me ages and I was very impressed with myself when I finished it lol.
As I was dealing with teeny bits of paper and folding, someone was banned from the bedroom as he kept standing on everything. Doesn't he look sorry for himself lol.
I'll take him on a long walk later to make it up to him :) First is Marks hospital check up which with two children in tow I'm not looking forward to. FX theres not too much of a wait this time.

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