Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Today was a good day :)

Today my Granny and I went on a coach trip to a local market and garden center. Over the course of the day I think I got a lot of 'Ok that lady is crazy' looks lol.
First of was for taking this photo. How cool are these sinks in the public toilets!!!!!!
Second was when I found these cup holders (in a garden center?!) and got very excited! Squealing and running across the room to grab one. In my defence I've wanted one for ages! Though I admit I didn't need to walk around the whole shop with it clipped onto my bag because I couldn't be bothered carrying it. Ignore my messy desk lol.
Third was when we were in Costa and I was wetting myself laughing at a funny photo my friend Fiona sent me. My iced caramel latte was yum though :P
Forth was when we were in the Works and I found this little bundle :) When I took them to the tills and the woman asked if they were for my kids I think my 'No they're mine' might have been a little forceful lol.
Fifth and finally was when I got home to this happy mail :) I entered an Easter egg hunt online and this was my prize. I was very excited when I opened it but by now only Mark was there to witness this and lets face it, hes used to it lol.
So all in all I think my new card sums it up pretty well. :)


  1. Not crazy in my eyes! I would have squealed at all those things too! Congrats on the win x

  2. You've made me laugh out loud with this post, but there's nobody here to see me! Nice prize.


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