Monday, 20 April 2015

Pokemon party

Yesterday was Cams pokemon birthday party :) His birthday actually isn't until the 29th but his best friend is on holiday this weekend so we had his party early so he could come.
As it was a pokemon party the kids played pokemon trainer themed games. First I had a large bowl of dried pulses and they had to pick a pokemon card, then hunt in the bowl for a pokeball and their pokemon. I made a note of how long it took each child to find it and gave them points based on how quick they were.
Was very grateful for my hoover after this game lol.
Next they had to 'Catch' their pokemon. I'd made a large target in the garden with points for getting a slingshot ball through the holes. Each child had a minute to get as many points as they could. It was harder than I thought it would be!
Games done I added up the points and the winning trainer was announced.
All trained out the kids added toppings to the pizza bases I had made earlier. The decorated their party bags which calmed them down, slightly, lol.
I had asked Cameron beforehand what he had wanted to do and he wanted some games and the rest of the time to play on the computer with his friends. Part of him growing up I guess, too old for kiddie party games :(
The party boy gets his way though :) So after stuffing them with doughnuts, hot dogs, pizza etc they played Mario kart and super smash brothers. OMG the noise boys make!!! My friend Gemma had come round to help as was too much for Mark bless him, anyway we were sitting on opposite sides of the couch, and having to txt each other as we couldn't talk over the noise!
An hour (which felt like a week) of games later was time for cake and home :)
Ignore the gap around the edge, I took that photo in the morning before I bought more biscuits and forgot to take one after I'd finished it later lol.
My Mum came round later for cake and coffee and asked Cameron how it had gone, 'perfect' was his answer :)


  1. Sounds like great fun and the cake looks fab! X

  2. What a lovely, unique party full of great memories. Have just shown your cake to Alex and she said "Great Pokeball"!!!

  3. Aww bless him. That makes it all worth it.


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