Saturday, 18 July 2015


I've said it before and I'll say it again, I like bargains :) So this morning saw me up at 2am, standing outside Next waiting for their sale. Don't laugh, we wernt even the first ones there lol.
I didn't have much hope for it to be honest as it's usually much smaller than the boxing day sale, but it was brilliant! Aside from a winter coat for Caitlin I managed to get everything on my list, including loads for Cameron which was unheard of!
Brought it all home and had the usual fashion parade from a very excited Caitlin and a much less excited Cameron.
Look at my happy little girl in her new outfit, doesn't she look so grown up?! *sob*
So those bargains all sorted and put away we went to a local village which was having a garage sale. Very American but very fun. :) Mark got a couple games, Cam and Cait some books and I got some craft goodies :)
£5 for this lot! Very pleased. The Papermania carrier was supposed to be £5 but think the woman just wanted rid so gave me the lot for £5. Love the little xmas dies and the pack of tags is brand new!
The felt kit is to make 3 Robin decorations. My Mum has a thing about robins, whenever one of the family is having a hard time one seems to show up and it's like a little sign everything is going to be ok :) I aim to make 3, one for my Gran, one for my Mum and one for this space and wish me luck!

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  1. I had to read it again 2am!!! Mad is the word that springs to mind lol. i used to go to the next sale when mine were small...not at 2am though :) x


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